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The 2019 Ultimate Fan Guide to MLB’s 5 Most Underrated Ballparks

These are 2019’s top 5 most underrated MLB ballparks, and your personal ultimate away team fan guide to enjoy the best each has to offer.



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#4 of Underrated MLB Ballparks: Globe Life Ballpark at Arlington, Arlington, Texas


Underrated MLB Ballparks April 25, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; A general view of the ballpark before the baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers won beating the Yankees 7-3. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY SportsJim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The home of the Texas Rangers opened in 1994, and was one of the first new generation MLB ballparks – as well as a hallmark of underrated MLB ballparks. It is the next door neighbor to the home of the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium, and the original Six Flags Over Texas. Before you ever pass the ball park turnstile, the Arlington area provides no lack of delicious dining or entertainment options.

Underrated MLB Ballparks Whataburger Orange RoofWhataburger/

When you see the orange roof: “You know what to do, and you know when to do it.”

As you approach the ballpark you can feel the spirit of Texas and the southwest. The red brick and fine stonework displays many five pointed stars along the gilded exterior. After passing the gates and walking into the stands, you quickly realize you’re in a ballpark like none other.

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The design is an amalgamation of legendary jewelbox ballpark characteristics. Whether it be the Fenway-like raised outfield wall in left, the Tiger Stadium overhanging upper deck stands in right, or the unique French Quarter balconies housed in left center. For the visual feast alone Globe Life is one of the few places anyone would want to be outdoors during a broiling north Texas August evening.

Underrated MLB Ballparks Texas

Global Life Park, Arlington, Texas

As with all things Texas, the home of the Rangers takes food to the next level. In addition to standard ballpark fare, the Rangers have made headlines in recent years for mind blowing novelty menu items like chicken fried bacon on a stick, bacon fried cotton candy, and just about everything else a cardiologist would forbade. To say nothing of the fact that if you want beer, the selections are quite literally endless.

Underrated MLB Ballparks Texas Rangers food

Everything and more. Much, much more…

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