The Good News Review would like to formally announce the debut of TGNR‘s first iOS application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod-Touch users. Those TGNR readers with Apple mobile devices may download TGNR‘s mobile app free of charge. Experience fascinating, no-puff, global news of substance like never before.

How do you find and download TGNR’s mobile iOS app?

Open the App Store application located on the home screen of your Apple mobile device.

In the search bar place the term “The Good News Review” or “TGNR” to locate the app.

When you see TGNR, click the “Get” tab and the download will begin immediately.

You can also click here, and proceed directly to TGNR on the App Store.

Does it cost anything to download or use the TGNR app?

The TGNR app is free of charge, and no in-app purchases are included.

Is there any difference between reading the website and using the app?

Yes! TGNR‘s app is an easy to use and easy to access app that brings all of TGNR to you! Designed and tested for the best possible reader experience, it provides seamless access to your favorite TGNR content.

TGNR is a news app, will it take up too much space on my device?

No. The TGNR app was specially designed to use very little memory space while allowing you to enjoy everything TGNR has to offer.

How often is news on the app updated?

The app is current up to the second, providing news as soon as it is published by the site.

I need to contact TGNR regarding the app, who do I contact?

For all inquiries, questions or messages regarding the app, please e-mail Please include your name, return e-mail address, and your message. Please allow at least 48 hours to receive a response.

TGNR would like to thank our entire audience for their continued support in helping to create this unparalleled news organization. We also extend recognition to the immense efforts of the talented and hardworking team of Foxhall Wythe LLC.

For TGNR readers with mobile iOS devices, you can download TGNR‘s App at

Thank you and enjoy!

The Good News Review Team