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10 Things Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Must Do to Avoid Epic Failure

In the all important Star Trek: Discovery season 2 sophomore debut, these are 10 things the series must do to avoid screwing the pooch.



Star Trek: Discovery season 2 Captain Pike
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2. Stay Out of the Mirror Universe!

Kirk and Spock in TOS “Mirror Mirror”CBS

Enough obligatory goatees and facial scars

Enough playing around in the Mirror Universe. Why the writers involved the Mirror Universe at all with the events of season one is still galling.

The story arc was kind of fun, killed some airtime, but effectively eliminated one of the most compelling characters to assume the captains chair, Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs). Never mind the fact we now have a sadistic former Empress Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) frolicking in parts unknown.

How one might be compelled to return to the Mirror Universe is beyond this writer’s comprehension and hopefully not on Discovery’s agenda. It’s really been quite enough, even TOS thought as much.

The Franchise History of the Mirror Universe

Lest fans forget, the Mirror Universe was a one-off concept in the second season of TOS and remained dormant until the writers of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (DS9) decided to pick it up three decades later.

Although DS9 decided to revisit the parallel universe several times during their seven season run, it was done almost purely for the amusement of the writers, and to the eternal chagrin of Andrew Robinson – and its tenure reflected that.

It was nothing less than a joke and never had the critical impact on the main storyline as we saw in Discovery.

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The Disturbing Reality of the Mirror Universe Captain Lorca

Still, the Mirror Universe did make one consequential connection at the end of Star Trek: Enterprise in its final season. Though when did it become a good idea to barrow major narrative concepts from Enterprise?

From its inception the Mirror Universe was an idea from the nethermost regions of the Star Trek universe. It is a shame it did not remain there. One can only hope Star Trek: Discovery season 2 will refrain from building too much further upon it.

Putting the Mirror Universe behind us, the general fate of Discovery as a series rests on its ability to make a unique footprint, and it must be done in a very specific and delicate manner. 

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