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Wonder Woman REVIEW | Film EDERtorials

In this Wonder Woman review, we look at what is maybe the last straw for the DC Comic’s Universe (DCEU). Did it live up to expectations?



For many people, Wonder Woman was going to be the last straw for the DC Comic’s Universe (DCEU). Did it live up to expectations? Or was it more like Halle Berry’s Catwoman? Let’s look closer in this Wonder Woman review.


Wonder Woman Review: A Closer Look

This newest incarnation of the classic superhero has undergone considerable scrutiny, as Wonder Woman is by far one of the most celebrated and beloved figures created by DC.

Watch and enjoy this in-depth take on this newest summer blockbuster, in the latest review episode of YouTube’s Film EDERtorials presented by Andrew Eder.

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Wonder Woman Review


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Andrew Eder is the producer and host of YouTube's Film EDERtorials, a program that provides striking deep takes on the best of recent Hollywood Blockbusters. Andrew is also a professional media specialist, filmmaker, media critic, and Star Wars expert for all seasons. Andrew Eder joined TGNR in 2016.


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