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About the A.D. History Podcast

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The A.D. History Podcast explores the last two thousand years of world history in an innovative new way. Co-hosts Paul K. DiCostanzo and Patrick Foote examine the past two millennia, beginning in 1 AD, progressing chronologically ten years every episode until reaching the modern day. Learn about the A.D. History Podcast below.

About the A.D. History Podcast

In continuing partnership with TGNR, Patrick Foote, creator of the popular YouTube Channel Name Explain, and TGNR Managing Editor Paul K. DiCostanzo jointly host the A.D. History Podcast.

As of November 2021, the A.D. History Podcast is an audio and video bi-weekly, minimum 60 minutes, two segment program examining world history beginning in 1AD, with each episode focusing on a single decade, and the series proceeding chronologically until reaching the present day.

In A.D. History’s journey through the past 2,000+ years of world history, the primary focus of the show are past events that have proven pivotal by their singular contributions towards creating our modern – or “HD” – world.

By examining events, individual figures, technology, religion, culture, science, war, governments, politics, ideology, language and civilizations from across world history at close range – in a way only a decade by decade focus can elicit – A.D. History illuminates the many seemingly disparate threads that compose the tapestry of the modern world as we have come to know it today.

With a strong emphasis on historical context and maintaining a prospective historical outlook, A.D. History seeks to portray history within the world it occurred; through the eyes of those that lived it at the time. When viewed from the standpoint of the present, history and the past is like a different country; only truly understood when viewed from the perspective of the time it occurred.

The A.D. History Podcast originally launched in August 2019; and the series at its completion will be composed of 202 regular episodes. The show will also publish numerous additional special episodes and features.

Patrick Foote

Patrick Foote Co-Host A.D. History PodcastPatrick Foote/A.D. History Podcast

Patrick Foote, Co-Host A.D. History Podcast

Patrick Foote is an independent media entrepreneur from the United Kingdom, best known as creator and presenter of the YouTube Channel Name Explain. Name Explain focuses on etymology, presenting the origins and stories for names, figures, places, and events throughout history by employing original animation, writing and narration produced by Mr. Foote himself.

Patrick Foote founded Name Explain in early 2016, and currently has over 320k subscribers on YouTube. Patrick released his first book titled, “The Origin of Names, Words, and Everything in Between“ published by Mango Publishing in 2018. Mr. Foote has since gone on to author its sequel, “The Origin of Names, Words, and Everything in Between: Volume Ii” once again published by Mango Publishing in 2021.                    

Paul K. DiCostanzo

Paul K. DiCostanzo Co-Host A.D. History PodcastPaul K. DiCostanzo/A.D. History Podcast

Paul K. DiCostanzo, Co-Host A.D. History Podcast

Paul K. DiCostanzo is Managing Editor for TGNR; serving in that position since April 2015, and resides in the New York City area. In addition to editorial duties, Paul assumes numerous executive functions for TGNR, including – but not limited to – strategic planning and outlet development for TGNR.

Paul is also an emerging historian of the Second World War, the early Soviet period, and Stalinism – publishing extensively on the topics for TGNR.

Paul has further been a featured published guest contributor for War History Online. In addition to his featuring as guest interview on radio, as well as on other podcasts.

Mr. DiCostanzo authors a reader email submitted Q&A column about the Second World War, the WW2 Brain Bucket, answering pressing questions regarding all aspects of the conflict.

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At present the A.D. History Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms (e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc.) as an audio podcast.

Additionally as of November 2021, A.D. History is available as a full video podcast, currently available on YouTube. The video podcast is a full, in-studio presentation of A.D. History via London and New York City. There you can join us and enjoy a ringside seat on our journey from antiquity to our modern HD world.

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