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A.D. History Podcast on Patreon

A.D. History Podcast on Patreon


How Can You Support the A.D. History Podcast? Contribute to the Show on Patreon!

As the creators, hosts and show runners for the A.D. History Podcast, our greatest priority is producing the highest quality show possible. As listeners of the show, we believe you deserve nothing less. That can only be properly accomplished with the financial support of listeners such as yourself, through the crowdfunding platform Patreon.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a unique crowdfunding platform where listeners like yourself can choose to financially contribute to programs or creators for an amount you define on a monthly basis. As a patron you receive exclusive benefits, rewards and access in return for your deeply appreciated support.

How Will Your Contribution on Patreon Help A.D. History?

Your financial support on Patreon assists the A.D. History Podcast in countless ways. Producing each episode is a significant investment in time, money, and applied expertise in both crafting the content for each episode, as well as creating the best sounding show from a technical perspective.

As we hold the show’s production quality value to the highest standard realistically attainable, this is where your support has the greatest impact.

In addition to helping offset various costs of hosting the show that is inherent to all podcasts, it is our foremost goal to hire a professional editor to helm each new episode during the post-production phase.

The post-production phase is the most technically intensive, financially demanding, and the largest overall investment of time in every episode’s creation; accounting for up to 90% of an episode’s overall effort in some cases.

An average 90-minute long episode usually requires no less than 20 hours in post-production. When factoring the inclusion of each episode’s research, and recording phases, it takes between 30-35 hours to create a single episode of A.D. History.

As a program that releases a new episode every two weeks, with an average 90 minute run time, we require the services of a hired third-party professional editor to help much better meet that demand.

Hiring a professional editor allows us as hosts to exclusively focus on what we do best for you: researching, recording and presenting history. In doing so we can release more episodes for you more frequently, with the standard of quality you’ve come to enjoy from A.D. History.

What Benefits Will You Enjoy By Contributing to A.D. History on Patreon?

In addition to helping create more high quality episodes more frequently, as a Patron you will receive a number of exclusive benefits that include the special Patreon-only The Best of B.C. series.

A.D. History Presents: “The Best of B.C.”

A.D. History Podcast Patreon Exclusive Series: Best of B.C.A.D. History Podcast

The Best of B.C. is a quarterly series of one hour long episodes exploring the greatest historical hits from the mammoth epoch that predates our show. Additionally as time goes on, we will also be releasing numerous history specials from all points in the 2,000 years the show covers. Furthermore, there are also tremendous perks available based on your donation level.

Donation Tier Benefits

For example, at the minimum contribution of $3 per month, you will gain advanced access to new episodes 48 hours before they’re released publicly. By using the special A.D. History Podcast patron-exclusive RSS feed plugged into the podcast player of your choice, each early access episode will automatically download directly to your device.

At the $5 contribution tier – in addition to all previous benefits, you can submit any question about history, the show, or Paul and Patrick themselves that they will choose at random, and will answer in the middle segment of every episode.

For a contribution of $10 per month if you choose – in addition to all previous perks – Paul and Patrick will read out your name at the conclusion of every episode, as our personal thanks for your donation.

At the $20 donation tier with all previous benefits, Paul and Patrick will mail to you anywhere in the world, a special signed thank you A.D. History postcard.

Lastly, for the august contribution of $100 per month, Paul and Patrick will create your very own 30 minute podcast episode, based on the year of your choosing.

Learn More & Donate to the A.D. History Podcast on Patreon!

To learn more about Patreon, how you can help support the show, and the rewards that await for your generous support, visit!

Do you have any additional questions about donating to the A.D. History Podcast on Patreon? Please write to us at

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