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TGNR Mission & Purpose

“Good News That’s Real News”

The Good News Review (TGNR) is an independent, international news organization; whose mission is to report original and fascinating good news that’s real news. TGNR provides eclectic perspectives of some of the most engaging and under-reported news of the day, covering events the world over.

TGNR was born in response to all the attention negative stories receive in modern media, as well as the lack of substantive journalism reporting our greater efforts. For each of the few meaningful and uplifting stories published, countless follow that either present a devastating world or serve as another irrelevant puff-piece. We understand the world is far from perfect, but we also know there are far more amazing people accomplishing incredible undertakings than most news outlets lead one to believe.

The Good News Review’s dedicated team seeks to create the highest quality platform for meaningful good news media. By scouring the vast globe, TGNR’s mission is nothing less than finding and reporting the best humanity has to offer, ultimately providing good news that’s real news.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Good News Review

Kristen E. Strubberg

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