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Kristen E. Strubberg
Kristen E. Strubberg
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Kristen E. Strubberg founded TGNR in 2013, she serves as Editor-in-Chief.

Paul K. DiCostanzo
Managing Editor

Paul K. DiCostanzo is the TGNR Managing Editor, and Co-Host of the A.D. History Podcast. Paul joined TGNR in March 2015.

Rebecca Lovering
Senior Copy Editor

Rebecca Lovering is a TGNR Senior Copy Editor, she joined TGNR in July 2015.

Anne DeFranco
Senior Contributor-at-Large

Anne DeFranco is a TGNR Senior Contributor-at-Large, publishing in-depth on Autism and Special Education. Anne joined TGNR in January 2016.

Philip A. DiCostanzo
Entertainment & Arts Contributor

Philip A. DiCostanzo is a TGNR Entertainment & Arts Contributor, he has contributed to TGNR since March 2016.

Andrew Eder
Host of YouTube's Film EDERtorials

Andrew Eder is host of YouTube's Film EDERtorials, he joined TGNR in March 2016.

David B. Sporn
Entertainment & Arts Contributor

David B. Sporn is a TGNR Entertainment & Arts Contributor, he has penned his column Cadre Cinematique since May 2016.

Jared Stokes
Health & Fitness Contributor

Jared Stokes is the TGNR Health & Fitness Contributor, he joined TGNR in November 2015.