In The Ascent: A Never Before Published Paul Mitchell Interview (Part I)

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On October 20th, 1981, I and fellow stylist Sara Ann Kizer, traveled to Queens, New York, and interviewed the world renowned hairstylist and product magnate, the late Paul Mitchell. We spoke with him after a hair show for licensed hair dressers where the star stylist holds court, cutting hair while revealing new approaches, techniques, and products. This was Paul Mitchell’s comeback following a five-year hiatus in Hawaii, far away from the madness of of the beauty industry. 

Before returning to hair, Mr. Mitchell became business partners with John Paul DeJorgia. Together, using modest means, they co-founded a small hair care product line specifically designed to be used and sold by hairdressers. Called Paul Mitchell Systems, it debuted in 1980.

Sara and I sat down with Mr. Mitchell for a 90 minute interview, discussing everything from surfing, to hair, and Rock and Roll. Consummately intelligent, open, funny, and deftly observant, nobody knew at that time his business’s best was yet to come.

By Philip Anthony DiCostanzo & Sara Ann Kizer

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Suicide Squad REVIEW | Film EDERtorials

Suicide Squade EDERtorial

By Andrew Eder Film EDERtorials

The Grand Alliance of DC villains team up in Suicide Squad, and is… pretty darn awful. Here is my review detailing why. Join the great debate over this summer blockbuster in this spoiler-free review.

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Royal Find at King Arthur’s Legendary Birthplace



Gallos sculpture by Rubin Eynon is on the Tintagel campus.

By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief

Cornwall, United Kingdom – A five year archaeological dig at Tintagel, the location of King Arthur‘s birth according to chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth – has shown that the site may indeed have been a royal seat.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Funds New Breakthrough Research

ice cubes

By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-In-Chief

In 2014, The Ice Bucket Challenge took crowdfunding and social media by storm. Today, two years later, research funded by money raised in that challenge has shed new light on a novel genetic component to the progressive, debilitating neurological disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

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Star Trek Beyond REVIEW | Film EDERtorials

Star Trek Beyond EDERtorial Feature Image

By Andrew Eder Film EDERtorials

Star Trek Beyond, the newest incarnation of Gene Roddenberry’s utopia debuted in theaters on 7/22/2016. What does this newest adventure on the final frontier hold for the crew of the Enterprise? How do the young Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura grow further into their roles? Where does Beyond rank in the Star Trek pantheon? Watch and find out with the newest spoiler-free review by YouTube’s Film EDERtorials!

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