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Haircuts on US Dollar Bills: Ranked

We see the haircuts on US dollar bills constantly. Yet which one is best, and why? A veteran hairdresser ranks the best, down to the rest.



Grant on $50 Dollar bill - hipster haircut
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When someone thinks about US paper currency, how many consider the haircuts on US dollar bills? Each and everyday, people handle US dollar bills but seldom give those adorned on them a second thought – despite money’s clear visibility. Hairdresser Philip A. DiCostanzo tackles the challenge of ranking the haircuts on US dollar bills.

Here are the ground rules regarding selection:

Starting with the best haircuts and working downward; we will look at the haircuts on the US $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 and $100 dollar bills. Foremost by describing their respective style, identifying the strengths of their haircuts, their weaknesses, and how they could be improved. While there are larger US dollar bill denominations than these, most people have never handled them. Nor could many tell you who Salmon P. Chase was without reverting to Wikipedia. 

Philip A. DiCostanzo’s hair dressing career spans 40 years, as owner and proprietor of FranklinPhilip Salon. Philip is a career student of the revolutionary cutting techniques pioneered by Vidal Sassoon, and has studied extensively under the direct tutelage of venerated hair stylist and Sassoon master, Christopher Pluck

*Publication Note: This article is not a critique or discussion of these individual’s personal legacy, their character, beliefs, policy choices in power, or their current standing in the American political landscape. It is purely an evaluation of their haircut, based on how they appear on current US dollar bills. 

So, who ranks best? Who are the rest?

#1 Andrew Jackson – $20 US Dollar Bill

Andrew Jackson on US $20 Dollar BillUS Treasury

Style on the $20 US Dollar Bill:

The shape of Jackson’s hair cut relative to his body and bust line is phenomenal. In reality, his haircut looks as if Jackson could be a member of The Who, because it is a rock and roll haircut.


The shape of his hair compliments his features. Jackson in his portrayal on the $20 US dollar bill presents a long face, sharp jaw, high hairline, angular nose, prominent brow, and deep set eyes. It’s not the kind of face that could wear a short haircut, he needs a longer cut as it best orchestrates his physical features.

When compared to other paintings of Andrew Jackson, his haircut on the $20 dollar bill is his most flattering.


Jackson for all he gets right in this image could be a little better groomed, specifically regarding his eye brows and sideburns.

How to Improve:

If I could improve anything on Jackson, I would trim down his slightly bushy eyebrows, as well as his sideburns. Undoubtedly it would be more flattering because it would present as better groomed, and less hirsute. He was the Commander-in-Chief, the most prominent of positions. These are important qualities as a southern politician in the early 19th Century, as they were a class that prided themselves on a most gentlemanly appearance.

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