TGNR Debuts App for iOS Mobile Devices

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By The Team At TGNR

The Good News Review team would like to formally announce the debut of TGNR‘s FIRST Application for iPhone and iPad users. Those TGNR readers with Apple mobile devices may complimentary download TGNR‘s App, and experience fascinating, no-puff international news like never before.

TGNR would like to thank our entire audience for their continued support in helping to create this unparalleled news organization. We also give boundless credit to the immensely talented and hardworking team of Foxhall Wythe LLC for their amazing and ongoing efforts in developing TGNR‘s iOS application.

For TGNR readers with mobile iOS devices, you can download TGNR‘s App at

Thank you and enjoy!

The Good News Review Team


World First: Wallaby Fosters Orphan Tree Kangaroo


4_Adelaide Zoo Goodfellows Tree Kangaroo April 2015 Photo © Zoos SA Dave Mattner

Makai, a Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo who was orphaned while still in his mother’s pouch. (Image Credit: Zoo SA/Dave Mattner)

By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief

They may not be your typical Kanga an Roo from The Hundred Acre Wood, but their story is just as enchanting.  Makaia, an endangered Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo was orphaned by a freak accident while still in his mother’s pouch.  Luckily, quick action by Adelaide Zoo veterinarians and zookeeper found Makaia a foster mom: the yellow-footed rock wallaby Missy Fitton. Continue reading