How East Asia Lead Me Back To West Africa


Cape Verdean expatriates and myself in Macau, China, during the 2014 Lusofonia Festival. (Image Credit: B. Barros

)In today’s Sunday Brunch, TGNR features Senior Contributor Bryce C. Barros. Bryce, an American who lived and studied in Taipei City, Taiwan for several years tells of how he first began to find his distant Cape Verde roots in the last place one would think to look, in East Asia. He shares a touching and incredible story of self-discovery that truly illuminates the soul.

By Bryce C. Barros Senior Contributor

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GARBO: The Man You Never Knew That Saved The Second Front in WWII


Joan Pujol Garcia’s official MI-5 file photo. (Image credit: MI-5 Archive)

Today’s special Tuesday edition of Sunday Brunch continues with The Good News Review’s campaign to introduce and honor some of the most important and lesser known hero’s of World War II. In accordance with the upcoming 72nd anniversary of D-Day, TGNR looks into the Allied Spaniard double-agent Joan Pujol Garcia; the man who saved D-Day and the Second Front without firing a single shot.

By Paul K. DiCostanzo Managing Editor

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Alexander The Great And The Mystery of Kasta Hill



Alexander and Hephaestion  (Image Credit: Public Domain/Wikicommons

By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-In-Chief

In 2014, archaeologist working in the Macedonia region of Greece uncovered the largest ancient tomb to date.  Preliminary analysis placed the Tumulus of Kasta Hill’s construction in the era of Alexander the Great and many speculated the grand burial site belonged to the leader himself.  TGNR followed the discovery closely until it was overshadowed by the Greek financial crisis and the Syrian refugee surge.  Now, two years later, new evidence has surfaced and the story continues. Continue reading

Louis C.K. Stands Up For T.M.


(Image Credit: Public Domain

)By Paul K. DiCostanzo Managing Editor

New York City – On Saturday evening April 30th, The David Lynch Foundation hosted “An Amazing Night of Comedy” at New York City Center. The David Lynch Foundation (DLF) is a large, non-profit organization that promotes the benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM).  Headlined by Louis C.K and featuring comedians including Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Gaffigan, Vanessa Bayer, all proceeds generated by the fundraiser were donated to veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Through the Foundation’s Operation Warrior Wellness, numerous veterans have found very helpful ally in TM to combat PTSD. So, what is Transcendental Meditation?

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With A Little Help From My Friends


David Sporn feature image

Filmmaker David Sporn. (Image Credit: David Sporn)

For today’s special Tuesday edition of Sunday Brunch, TGNR interviews musician, Beatles historian, and co-founder of the ensemble SUNS OF WALRUS: Celebrating All Things Beatle And British, Philip A. DiCostanzo. Philip shares his experience playing the benefit concert on November 21st, 2015 held in honor of the late Don, Ledell, and Katherine Mulvaney, as well as his late wife, Maureen DiCostanzo. Philip also tells the very special story about an incredible and unexpected gift of film, as TGNR debuts filmmaker David Sporn’s concert film of that unforgettable evening.

By Paul K .DiCostanzo Managing Editor

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