Sanaz Nezami: Hope from Tragedy

Sanaz Nezami was newly wed, spoke three languages, held a degree in engineering, and had just emigrated to the United States from Iran.  Intent on pursuing an advanced degree in America, she kept in touch with family through the internet and phone messaging.  It was an email dotted with translation errors normally never made by Nezami that tipped off family members that something was wrong.  Soon after, Nezami was brain dead from traumatice head injuries sustained when assaulted by her new husband.  Turning again to the internet, nurses and doctors communicated Nazemi’s condition to her family and they, in return, expressed their belief that Nezami would want to be an organ donor.  The internet also let Sanaz Nezami’s family to watch her quietly pass away when life support was removed thanks to arrangements made by a truly compassionate staff at Marquette General Hospital.


Read the complete story via Fox News:

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