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Forget March Madness, it’s Otter Madness!  This month has been full of fuzzy newborn otter pups so I thought I’d round up the ring leaders:

Sisters North American River otters Daisy and Ellie both welcomed a litter of pups, a first for Buffalo Zoo.  Both mothers and pups are doing well and should be welcoming their adoring public in a few weeks.

(photo credit: Melissa King)

(photo credit: Melissa King)

The Binghamton Zoo welcomed North American River otter triplets earlier this month and are currently holding a naming contest on the website.  When the pups are a little older, they’ll be able to sex the pups born to Elaine and Leroy.

(photo credit:Binghamton Zoo)

(photo credit:Binghamton Zoo)


And now….say, awwwww! The four new Asian small-clawed otter pups received healthy reports on their first full neonate physical exam.  Born to Teratai and Guntur at Woodland Park Zoo, the new pups are fitting in well with their older brothers and the rest of the family.

(photo credit: Woodland Park Zoo)

(photo credit: Woodland Park Zoo)

Unlike their North American relative, Asian small-clawed otters are considered vulnerable due to increased habitat destruction.

All stories via ZooBorns.


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