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Hooray for the Wombat!

What’s not to love about wombat?  Their rumps are hard as a rock, their poo is cube-shaped, they are lickity-quick and they are adorable, particularly in joey form.  I write this ode to the wombat to celebrate the successful breeding of the second southern hairy-nosed wombat joey of the Taronga Zoo breeding program.  Sydney recently ventured outside her momma wombat’s pouch for the first time.

(Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo)

(Mother Korra and Sydney. Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo)

(Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo)

(Sydeney Leaps into the Day! Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo)

(Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo)

(Sydney Playing Peek-A-Boo in the grass! Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo)

The news is especially encouraging for their endangered cousins the Northern Hair-Nosed wombat, a critically endangered species for which the Taronga Zoo hopes to start a similar breeding program.  Currently, Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombats number around two hundreds and is the largest known herbivorous burrowing mammal, according to ARKive.

(Image Credit: ARKive)

(Image Credit: ARKive)


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