Real Time Good News: Strangers on a Train

This morning I groggily handed my weekly ticket to the train official. She then informed me my ticket was not valid until tomorrow. How can this be? I asked, I bought the ticket this Monday. She shrugged and said she’d come back for my on-board ticket sale…cash only of course. As I frantically clawed through my purse for nickels, pennies, anything I here a man’s voice coming from the seat behind me. I’ll make you a deal, he states and I turn around. He’s smiling and holding a $5 bill. If she comes back before your stop, use this. If not, just give it back. Thank you so much, I said with relief. I held my breath for next few stops, expecting the ticket-puncher to return but she did not. I returned the unused five dollars and again expressed my thanks and wished him well.

We’ve all been in these little fixes, snafus a at the grocery store when your credit card won’t read, etc. Helping out at these times, for me, is what keeps humanity from crumbling apart. Thank you again to my neighbor on the train, willing to help out stranger.

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