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Meet Radin. As the first baby Sunda Pangolin – or “pangopup” – born to Wildlife Reserves Singapore since 2011, his birth was feted by zookeepers and conservationists alike.  Listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN, every addition to the population is crucial.  So, even though little Radin doesn’t know it yet, he is party to major efforts to maintain and rehabilitate his species.  For now though, he’s content to snuggle his mother, Nita, and hitch rides on her tail when she is foraging for ants and termites.

Radin the Sunda pangolin in the protective clutch of his mother, Nita

(Cuddling with mamma pangolin. Image Credit: Wild Life Reserves Singapore)

Sunda pangolins Radin and Nita in Night Safari

(Hitching a Ride on Mom’s Tail. Image Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

Read more about Radin and Nita at ZooBorns.

The Good News Review previously featured the rescue of one hundred pangolins being smuggled out of Thailand.  Pangolin poaching and smuggling is one of the greatest threats to their survival.

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