Meerkat Manor Redux

While this version won’t have the dulcet of Sean Astin narrating the critters’ day to day adventures, the London Zoo has started a new YouTube channel devoted to showing what the animals do when visitors are away.  The cameras will also follow otters and giant tortoises.  However, the round-the-clock channel is for technological rather than biological research.  Scientists are experimenting with transmission via TV Whitespace or the gaps between television radio frequencies (before television went digital).  The use of white space radio bands go farther and through walls better than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  It also being tested for providing broadband at sea.  This could also be used in future for collecting remote data on wildlife.  The immediate benefit?  YouTube channels dedicated to adorable critters!  The Meerkat and Otter channels, the ones created so far, are featured below.

The project is being called Whitespaces for Wildlife.

Discover more about the project at the BBC.

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