Two Chicks Hatch For Endangered African Penguin!

The California Academy of Sciences welcomed two health African Penguin chicks earlier in November.  They are the second brood for mother Ty and father Robben and the first born at The Academy’s new facility.  The chicks will retain their gray, fluffy juvenile down for one year before gaining their mature blank-and-white plumage.


(The two new arrivals. Image Credit: California Academy of Sciences)


African Penguins, or Spheniscus demersus, are found exclusively on the eponymous Penguin Islands, as set of twenty for land masses off the southwest coast of Namibia.They are the only penguin species native to Africa, but their already limited natural range has been severely threatened due to penguin malaria and oil spills.  Conservationists and biologists have staved off total extinction of the species through breeding programs such as those at The Academy.  However, extinction in the wild remains a constant threat.

Read more about the African Penguins at ZooBorns and at The California Academy of Sciences.

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