Ice Pancakes? Ice Pancakes.

Biologist Jamie Urquhart found the strange ice pancakes near the River Dee in Scotland.

Ice Pancakes on the River Dee. (Image Credit Jamie Urquhart)

 By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief

These frozen peculiarities are most often found in Antarctica and the Baltic Sea.  They made a surprise appearance, however, on the River Dee in Scotland.  Biologist Jamie Urquhart found the circles of ice at Lummels Pool, located downstream of British Queen’s summer residence Balmoral Castle.  Urquhart along with the River Dee Trust suspect the unusual ice formation occurs when foam freezes while swirling in an eddy.

It's the first time the ice pancakes have occurred on the Dee, but they're thought to be more common in Antarctica or the Baltic Sea.

Close up of the phenomenon which scientist believe are created by freezing foam eddies. (Image Credit: Jamie Urquhart)

The River Dee is best know for it’s abundant salmon.  Now it can proudly state it serves the frozen delicacy of ice pancakes.

Original article at CNN.

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