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TGNR Welcomes Managing Editor Paul K. DiCostanzo

We are pleased to announce Paul K. DiCostanzo as TGNR’s new Managing Editor. He brings new talents to the role, and we look forward to his work.



TGNR looks forward to many new interesting ideas and direction from our new Managing Editor, Paul K. DiCostanzo! Paul’s interests and expertise are diverse, and include baseball, astronomical phenomena, futurism, Americana, artificial intelligence, and, of course, good news that’s real news. Furthermore, Paul has a background in American National Security and American Foreign Policy. 

Professionally Paul is a highly regarded interviewer, noted public speaker, and emerging historian of the Second World War. He published exstensively on the Second World War in journalistic form. Moreover, Paul authors he reader email submitted question and answer column WW2 Brain Bucket – addressing any all aspects of histories great cataclysm. 

By night, Paul is a vocal advocate for Crohn’s Disease/Ulcerative Colitis, actively following many fields of medical research. In his spare moments, he is also an avid New York Yankees fan, and has a tremendous passion for America’s Pastime. Paul also chronicles his many experiences at each stop on The Great Ballpark Tour of America.

TGNR welcomes Paul K. DiCostanzo, his dedication and characteristic energy for providing readers news that isn’t simply good, but is as uplifting as it is meaningful.

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