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PRESENTING Film EDERtorials: An Andrew Eder Interview

Interview Conducted by Managing Editor Paul K. DiCostanzo

On Feburary 25th, 2016, TGNR’s Managing Editor Paul K. DiCostanzo had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Eder, media professional and Producer/Host of YouTube’s cinematic special, Film EDERtorials. Mr. Eder’s Film EDERtorials is a fantastic combination of not simply opinion on recent films, but an incredibly accessible expert breakdown of their production. Film EDERtorials goes beyond the standard thumbs up, thumbs down format; as Mr. Eder uses his ability as a natural communicator and storyteller to give the audience an insiders look into their favorite recently released films.

In this interview, Mr. Eder discusses his young life, professional accomplishment, aspirations, and love of film. TGNR is proud to syndicate Film EDERtorials, as well as working with Mr. Eder in the future. TGNR hopes you enjoy this fascinating introduction to this very talented and upcoming film pioneer, and his wonderful program.

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