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WarCraft REVIEW | Film EDERtorials

WarCraft is now the highest grossing video game to date, but does the small screen hit truly fit the big screen in its blockbuster debut?



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Lok’tar Ogar, Warchief! The WarCraft movie is now the highest grossing video game film to date, but is it any good? Watch YouTube’s Film EDERtorial’s and find out, as the legendary PC game title takes to the silver screen.

What do you think of the movie? Are you a dye-in-the-whool WoW player, or are you new to the series? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below, and thank you for watching!

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Andrew Eder is the producer and host of YouTube's Film EDERtorials, a program that provides striking deep takes on the best of recent Hollywood Blockbusters. Andrew is also a professional media specialist, filmmaker, media critic, and Star Wars expert for all seasons. Andrew Eder joined TGNR in 2016.