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Rogue One Film EDERtorial REVIEW

The Star Wars franchise Imperial Marches on with its first spin-off film (dubbed “stories”), Rogue One! This newest Star Wars film provides the backstory and depth to exposing the most ridiculous design flaw in super-weapon history. As with every new Star Wars picture, the suspense leading to its release is a pain every fan relishes. Though with this new direction for Star Wars, as well as the wildly varying expectations by fans and critics alike, Rogue One begs many new questions. Is this film a technological terror to be proud of, the first of many? How does Star Wars navigate this bold foray into its ever expanding universe? Where should this latest attempt in world building sit among its legendary peers? In addition to the most important question of all: is it any good? Join Andrew Eder – THE consummate Star Wars connoisseur – as he puts Rogue One through its paces in this spoiler free episode of Film EDERtorials!

Rogue One REVIEW

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