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How Did Aurelian Reunite the Roman Empire? | 271AD-280AD

Emperor Aurelian is best known for his success reuniting the Roman Empire. But how did he do it, when all others who tried failed?



For this premiering episode of A.D. History, Paul and Patrick tell the history of how one Lucius Domitius Aurelianus – better known as Roman Emperor Aurelian – did what no other Roman leader could during the Third Century Crisis… reconquer all prior Roman territory that had splintered from the Empire during this Third Century disaster. This episode looks at why Aurelian succeeded where all of his third century contemporaries and predecessors abjectly failed; discussing what he understood that they did not.

Aurelian’s achievement amazingly occurred entirely within the first five years of the 270s, serving as the first act of two that would give Rome a new lease on its already vaunted existence.

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