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The Council of Nicaea: Fact Vs. Fiction | 321AD-330AD

The Council of Nicaea is the most well known of the first seven ecumenical councils, yet most are mistaken about what REALLY happened there.



The Council of Nicaea, Gupta Empire

The First Council of Nicaea in 325AD is perhaps the ecumenical council many people know best, however due to the work of Dan Brown many have strong misconceptions of what actually happened there. The First Council of Nicaea was a three month show down formally called by the newly converted Emperor Constantine. The most important question wrangled with during that meeting was determining the exact divine nature of Jesus. Was Jesus God? Or was he separate from God? It is a point not all of Christianity even agrees upon today.

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In our final segment, Patrick discusses with us the first major steps of founding the Gupta Empire on the Indian subcontinent. The Guptas would become an eminent power on the subcontinent for the next three centuries. Moreover, many people consider this Gupta period as the great golden age of Indian civilization. We learn more.

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