When in Doubt…DO SOMETHING

This story has been in national headlines due to the heroism and quick actions of strangers helping an infant in crisis. While in traffic on a Florida freeway, Pamela Rauseo’s 5-month old nephew stopped breathing. She immediately pulled over and, finding him unresponsive, signaled to the surrounding drivers for help. She also alerted 911. Lucile Godoy, a few lanes over, noticed Rauseo’s cries for aid and exited her car to help. Godoy and Rausei began CPR while other motorists, including two fireman, (and a photojournalist, why not) rushed to assist Godoy and facilitated Emergency Medical Services en route to the site. Thanks to their combined actions, the child was transferred to a local hospital in stable but critical condition.


(photo credit: Al Diaz/Miami Herald/AP)

Moral of the story: doing something is always better than doing nothing. Visit The American Heart Association to learn about CPR classes.

More on the story at CNN and The NY Daily News

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