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Cat Got Your Tongue? Not These “Buddies”

The Animal Rescue League of Berkshire County has just started a program called “Book Buddies” in which kids in 1-8th visit the shelter and read to the cats. Many shelters have similar programs but the one at ASL is a bit more personal. ASL Coordinator Kristi Rodriguez created the “Book Buddies” a after she observed her 10 year old son gain confidence in his reading after practicing with the shelters’ cats. What’s more, the cats enjoy the rhythm of reading out-loud which “soothes and relaxes” them according to ARL’s site.

Best Buddies

(image credit: ARL Best Buddies)

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  1. 2me4art

    February 28, 2014 at 1:36 PM

    What a great idea. I’ve heard of this program before, I never would have thought it would catch on. It must be a really positive thing for the animals for it to snowball like it has. Thanks for sharing. ~amy

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