One is Not a Lonely Number at this Cafe

At the Moomin House Cafe, no one is ever left to eat alone.  At this eatery, solo customers are paired with a plush, stuffed Moomin – a fantastical character from the popular Finnish children’s book series – while they dine on traditional Japanese fare or Finnish-inspired dishes…many of which are “Moomin” character shaped.

(Patron with a Moomin Companion,  Image Credit: CNN)

(Patron with a Moomin Companion.  Image Credit: CNN)

(Moomin Munchies.  Image Credit: tenkai-japan.com)

(Moomin Munchies. Image Credit: tenkai-japan.com)

There are now three Moomin Cafe and Bakeries around Japan.  Read more about the cafe and the Moomins at CNN.

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