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Return of the Ozone Layer



The ozone layer: an integral part of our atmosphere and key reason life on Earth exists.  For years the layer has thinned and sported a sizable hole over the southern pole.  Now, according to multi-authored United Nations Enviroment Programme and World Meteorological Organization report, for the first time in years the Ozone Layer has showed signs of thickening and – drum role, please – the hole stopped expanding! Experts say that the breach will take years to close but a cessation of growth is a positive sign.

Antarctic ozone map for 2014-09-11

(Image Credit: NASA)

Take a good look at this picture.  It is the most current image of the large compromised area in the Ozone Layer above the South pole, dated 11 September 2014 courtesy of NASA.  With humanities continued efforts of discontinuing ozone-depleting chemical and reducing carbon emissions among many other efforts, this purple splotch may start to shrink,

Keep up to date on the Ozone Layer with nifty site from NASA. I know I will.  Also, read more about the join report on the BBC and IFL.

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