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Telepathy for Real? Receiving Other’s Thoughts Part I

Researches have made initial progress technologically in creating telepathy; connecting two peoples thoughts makes first steps.



Granted this form of “telepathy” involves computers and non-invasive, external stimulation of the brain but it’s still incredible. Neuroscientists, led by Dr. Guilo Ruffini, successfully transmitted the conscious thoughts “hola” and “ciao” between two human brains located in France and India. So, how did they do it? 

Telepathy through Technology

Using a brain-computer and computer-brain interfaces, of course! One subject (the brain-to-computer interface with electrodes on the scalp thought the message and the electric impulses of brain emitted during the thought were recorded via electroencephalogram(EEG). 

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Next, the EEG was converted to binary code. This was emailed to the computer-to-brain interfaced recipient who was connected to a transcranial magnetic stimulator (or TMS). 

Initial Results

The TMS stimulated the recipients brain in time with the binary code which was experienced by the participant as flashes of light. They then decoded the binary back into words. Whew!

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Not quite as simple as The Force or a Vulcan Mind Meld but still pretty cool! It is an incredibly impressive course of research, one that might have innumerable consequences if and when it comes to fruition. As cool as such a prospect that technological telepathy represents, it does raise many possible issues if it were to fall into the wrong hands, and for bothersome purposes.

What future technological telepathy might hold, TGNR will be following its progress very closely. Be certain to check back early and often for when TGNR publishes part 2 of this highly compelling story. 

Cant wait for our next installment of this story? Be sure to read more at Sci-News and the mind bending original paper on PloS ONE. We hope you enjoy! 

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