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A Second Story Proving “When in Doubt, Do Something!!”

Earlier this year The Good New Review reported on family and strangers who stopped on a freeway to help resuscitate a child in distress.  Now we have a second chapter of strangers doing the right thing to save a life.  This time the story takes place in Texas.  Angela Radtke was walking in the H-E-B Parking lot when she saw something wrong.  A child, approximately one year old, was still inside a locked car with no adult in site.  She alerted H-E-B security who were wary of forcing entry into car until police arrive.  Radtke didn’t hesitate.  She took a tire iron to the front window, crawled through the broken safety glass to ulock the care.  Once the child was free, he was rushed to the hospital for medical care.  Security footage later showed the child had been in closed car for over FORTY MINUTES.  Fortunately, the child has made of a full recover and Ms. Radtke did not receive charges under Texas “Good Samaritan” laws.

Broken Window

(The hole in the windshield which allowed the child to be freed. Image Credit: KENS5 News)

That’s why when in doubt DO SOMETHING!!! You may save a life.

Read the original story on KENS5 Eyewitness News via the Daily News.

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