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…eventually became over $21,000 for one Florida man who, in turn, donated the spare change to help change the lives of shelter cats.  Rick Snyder, a condominium complex owner and avid walker, would spot the pennies, dimes, etc. left on the ground or in nooks or car wash stations and collected them over ten years.  Walking about 45 miles around his town every week, Snyder find averaged $5.60 a day in discarded change.  His efforts eventually amounted to $21,495 in coins.  Snyder then donated the sum to the Gulf Shore Animal League, an animal shelter than specializes in feline care and adoption.  Though the donation weighed 2,500 the volunteers who moved the containers of coins didn’t mind.   That’s because the money would help them nurse the newborn kittens that are often brought to them for their excellence in kitten care.  It will also pay for veterinary service and attentive care for cats ready and waiting for adoption.

(Rick Snyder and a volunteer sort the enormous amount of change to be donated. Image Credit: Grant Jefferies/Bradenton Herald) (Bags of loose change found by Rick Snyder on his walks around town. Image Credit: Grant Jefferies/Bradenton Herald) (One of the many benefactors of Snyder’s donation: a newborn kitten in the care of the Gulf Shore Animal League. Image Credit: Grant Jefferies/Bradenton Herald)

Snyder also practices what he preaches.  The proud owner of five cats himself he has also matched over 100 cats to loving families residing in his condominium complex.

Read more about Rick Snyder incredible act of kindness and the work of the Gulf Shore Animal League at the Bradenton Herald.  This story was found via The Daily News.

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