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All the Colors of the ‘Bow



There’s no black sheep in this flock. There are red sheep, blue sheep, green sheep….in fact every color exists in this flock but white and black. Devised by photographer Gray Malin, the technicolor ovines were colored with non-toxic vegetable dyes. Pigment was applied using the same technique farmers use to spray the sheep for fleas and ticks. The icing on this most colorful cake? Malin captured the rainbow flock beneath an actual rainbow!


(Image Credit: Gray Malin/Huffington Post)


(Image Credit: Gray Malin/Huffington Post)

Malin explains to the Huffington Post that the project was inspired by a Scottish farmer who tinted his sheep to stop thieves from raiding his flocks. He encountered the tale seven years ago and has been wanting to create his own rainbow flock ever since.

Find out more at the Huffington Post.  Story found via Neatorama.

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