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Vikings, Ho!



In the past months, two important Viking archeological finds were made: one in Denmark and one in Scotland.

In Denmark, archeologists uncovered the first Viking-era fort in over sixty years.  Named “Vallø Borgring” the ring-fort dates to the tenth century and measures 145 meters.  This structure proved the missing piece to a previously excavated Viking complex containing four other ring-like “trelleborg” fortresses – a Viking design unique to Danish Vikings.  Using magnetic variations, researchers located the final fort buried underground.  Archaeologist feel certain that the entire encampment belonged Harold Bluetooth and was constructed in time with his conquest of Sweden.  Scientists hope to find more artifacts to illuminate the life of this important figure.

An example of a trelleborg Viking fortress in Denmark. Image Credit: Wikicommons)

Meanwhile, across the North Sea in Scotland, an amateur treasure hunter named Derek McLennan was using a handheld metal detector when he found a “hoard” of over one hundred Viking artifacts.  The collection includes armbands, brooches, a uniquely enameled Christian cross, and the largest silver Carolingian-era vessel found to date.  Though the trove was clearly Viking, many of the contents originated elsewhere including nearby Ireland and Central Europe.

Early Medieval cross

(An early Christian cross found among the artifacts. The delicate enameling can be seen through the layer of debris. Image Credit: BBC)

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To find out more about the Viking treasure found in Scotland, visit the BBC.

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