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Twinkies For The Troops

Missouri resident Trisha Monroe never realized that one box of Twinkies to her son, serving in Afghanistan, would turn into Hostess personally donating 384 boxes of Cupcakes and Twinkies to her front door one year later.  As stated earlier it all started with one box in a  care package to her son.  Subsequent packages contained increasing amount of boxes of the baked treats as more and more of her son’s fellow soldiers found out he had them.  The treats from home boosted morale wherever they went.  Eventually, Monroe started a campaign that sent over 2,000 boxes to troops abroad, especially reaching those who normally did not receive care packages.

(Twinkies = Morale Booster. Image Credit: Wikipedia/(CC) Larry D. Moore)

Now, in 2014, roles have reversed: instead of seeking donations, some of the donations are seeking her.  Monroe explained her surprise when Hostess emailed her to offer a donation for this Veterans Day.  Shipments leave for the troops abroad this weekend.

Read more about Trisha Monroe’s efforts at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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