We Have A Body: “Alexander the Great” Era Tomb Continues to Surprise

In this third installment, the “Alexander The Great” era tomb has produced a human skeleton, most likely the tomb’s owner.  This new incredible find puts to rest theories that the extravagant burial chamber was merely a cenotaph or a memorial to the deceased which never contained a body.  The skeleton, most likely male, was located within a tomb in third burial chamber.  Bits of glass decoration were found among the remnants of the wooden coffin that original housed the body.  Outside of being a male of high-ranking military position, the complete identity of the deceased remains unconfirmed.  Scholars guess the individual belonged to the family of Alexander, but others speculate “the Great” himself are the bones in the tomb.

The uncovered tomb at Amphipolis, northern Greece

(The limestone tomb that encased the wooden coffin. Image Credit: Greek Culture Ministry/BBC)

Read the complete article at the BBC.

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