New Shakespeare’s “First Folio” Found In France!

A librarian in Saint-Omer, France, has found the 241st original print of Shakespeare’s “First Folio”, the original compilation of 35complete works created in 1623.  The work was misplaced after its acquisition some 200 years ago, according to medieval works librarian Remy Cordonnier, due to the fact that the title page and introductory information were missing.

Shakespeare First Folio

(Remy Cordonnier displays the First Folio. Image Credit: AFP/BBC)

The library contacted Professor Eric Rasmussen, one of the world’s leading experts in Shakespeare, to authenticate the find.  He was able to do so “within five minutes” according the BBC.  The edition also contains various handwritten marginalia, which potentially suggest early staging ideas for the plays.  The book is being kept in a protective safe and researchers intend to make a digital copy available as soon as possible.

Read more at CNN and the BBC.

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