Rescue Retriever Saves African Wild Dog Pups

Meet Lilly, a retired search and rescue dog who currently cares for four pups: one is her own, and three are adopted African Wild Dog pups, a critically endangered species.  Born at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, the two male pups and one female pup received early intervention from zookeepers when their first time mother was unable to provide adequate care.  Keepers reached out to the community to find a surrogate mother and Lilly was a perfect match.  Having recently given birth to her own pup, she was ideal for becoming the adopted mother to the three wild dog pups.  Lilly embraced the role and is now raising the three pups right alongside her own little one.

OKCZoo_African Wild Dogs and surrogate_2

(Lilly the rescue dog rescues again! Here she nurses the three African Wild Dog pups along with her own Golden Retriever puppy. Image Credit: Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden)


OKCZoo_African Wild Dogs and surrogate_4

(The three adopted African Wild Dog pups, two female and one male. Their uniquely colored coats inspired their other common name, Painted Dogs. Image Credit: Jaimee Flinchbaugh)

Using domestic breeds to raise “wild” dog breeds from zoos is not an uncommon strategy. In fact, practice provides the growing dogs a more appropriate canine upbringing than if the dogs were hand reared by zookeepers.  When Lilly’s adopted pups are old enough, they will be re-socialized with the zoo’s African Wild Dog pack.

Learn more at ZooBorns.

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