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Cats (Among Other Pets) Reunited With Humans After Explosion

Kathleen Blomberg was reunited with her cat Kitty Cordelia after she went missing following the East Village building explosion.

Ms. Blomberg hugs Kitty Cordelia after the East Village blaze temporarily separated them. (Image Credit ASPCA)

By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief

The gas explosion that tore through an apartment complex in the East Village community of New York City displaced both human animal inhabitants alike.  Now, thanks to the dogged efforts of ASPCA rescuers (no pun intended), families are being reunited.

Kathleen Blomberg, artist and resident of the hard hit 125 Second Ave building was separated from her two beloved American short-hair cats Sebastian and Kitty Cordelia. Remarkably, rescuers found the pair, traumatized but not physically harmed, after the blast under the owner’s bed-frame. The three were brought back together on Tuesday and are temporarily residing at a friend’s apartment. Two more cats, Lazlo and Lulu, were likewise reunited with their human Yvonne Collery Wednesday night. The three also resided in the badly damaged 125 Second Ave building but on different floors. In addition to the four-legged, ASPCA and animal control have rescued turtles and fish which are being cared for at a local shelter until their owners are located.

More owners and rescuers have turned to various outlets and social media to find and bring together more families.  Please visit the whole story at the New York Daily News where there are further links to help the ongoing rescue effort.

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