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The 2019 Ultimate Fan Guide to MLB’s 5 Most Underrated Ballparks

These are 2019’s top 5 most underrated MLB ballparks, and your personal ultimate away team fan guide to enjoy the best each has to offer.



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#1 of Underrated MLB Ballparks: Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO

Underrated MLB Ballparks Kauffman ScoreboardPaul K. DiCostanzo/TGNR

“You hear that? That’s the melody to Funkytown!” Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO.


Exactly what is there to dislike about a beautiful ballpark that smells like smoked brisket? Short answer, nothing. This Midwestern baseball jewel may have opened in 1973, but it has always managed to keep up with the times after several renovations. Kauffman is nestled in a large complex shared with the Kansas City Chiefs home field Arrowhead Stadium.

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As you exit I-70 in Independence, the majestic icon immediately draws your attention. Once you have parked, the stadium glistens in the twilight as the smell of barbecue wafts far and wide. The scoreboard in center field dominates the baseball landscape. Between the majestic HD scoreboard, the flanking iconic outfield fountains for which Kansas City is known, and waterfalls beyond the outfield fence, it can only be described as the melody to Funkytown. This view alone could place Kauffman Stadium among the best underrated MLB ballparks. 

Underrated MLB Ballparks Kauffman Parking lotPaul K. DiCostanzo/TGNR

Where the hypnotic wafting of BBQ first casts its spell.


Once you have passed the gates, never have you met kinder and more hospitable ballpark employees and fans. The stadium fare is a taste of the best that Kansas City is known for, and you need not take out a second mortgage on your home to enjoy it.

Underrated MLB Ballparks Kauffman Water FountainsPaul K. DiCostanzo/TGNR

The famous fountains that crown the outfield.

The lower level seating of Kauffman offers excellent perspectives of the field of play. Even as the Royals have become the premier club of the American League, it is an affordable experience for most everyone.

Underrated MLB Ballparks Kauffman WaterfallsPaul K. DiCostanzo/TGNR

The waterfalls at rest.

These are the five diamonds in the baseball rough for this article. Do you agree? Is there a ballpark you feel has been snubbed? What are your top five underrated parks? What else would you include as a traveling fan guide to these ballparks? Share in the comments!


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