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Neuronomics: Everything Brain

TGNR is proud to introduce our newest column Neuronomics, by Kristen E. Strubberg. In short, Neuronomics covers all things neuroscience.




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TGNR is excited to announce a new upcoming weekly column by TGNR‘s Founder and Editor-In-Chief Kristen E. Strubberg: Neuronomics. With the subheading of “Everything Brain,” Neuronomics will report breakthrough discoveries involving grey (and white) matter across the animal kingdom. Neuronomics will also venture into popular culture, and popular science comparing current neuroscience technologies with those depicted in the futuristic worlds of Science Fiction.

In addition to an outstanding career in journalism, Kristen E. Strubberg is an eminent woman of science. Her greatest scientific passion is the brain.  Kristen has completed extensive undergraduate and graduate education in neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology.  Professionally she works in clinical research and has a passion for medical science that is matched by very few.

In her weekly installments, Kristen will touch upon all things fascinating concerning the brain. In doing so, she will very likely answer questions and satiate curiosities the reader did not yet know they had. However if you are familiar with her previous work writing for TGNR, you can be certain that you will impress everyone at the water cooler with your newfound insights on the brain.

Look for the first installment this Tuesday 5/3: “Neural Signatures – Fact or Fantasy?”

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Kristen E. Strubberg is the Editor-in-Chief for TGNR. Kristen founded TGNR in 2013 - seeking to create a high quality platform for original, eclectic and substantive positive news journalism by attracting expert contributors in many varying subjects. Kristen also works as a clinical medical researcher in Cardiology, with an original background in Neuroscience. Her passion for science has translated to her science-fiction specialization, with her highly adept published insights into the best of sci-fi’s popular culture. Kristen has served as TGNR’s Editor-in-Chief since 2013.