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A.D. History Podcast

Hadrian Builds a Wall & Zhang Heng: China’s da Vinci? | 121AD-130AD

Today Paul and Patrick examine why Hadrian built his wall, and introduce the Chinese Renaissance man, Zhang Heng.



In this newest installment of A.D. History, Paul and Patrick examine Roman Emperor Hadrian, his eponymous wall that’s stood the test of time demarcating England and Scotland, and it’s remarkable impact. As well introducing a remarkable Chinese – yet little known in the West – renaissance man, Zhang Heng. Zhang’s incredible applied intellect, coupled with his innovative gifts are quite literally felt to this very day!

The A.D. History Podcast explores the last two thousand years of world history in an innovative new way. Join hosts Paul K. DiCostanzo and Patrick Foote as they examine the past two millennia, beginning in 1 AD, and progressing forward ten years every episode until they reach the modern day. Within each ten-year installment, Paul and Patrick aim to share incredibly important, but often overlooked fascinating historic events and figures from around the world in prospective fashion; attempting to see history through the eyes and in the world of those who lived it. By identifying these sometimes lesser known - but in no way less significant aspects of history - the A.D. History Podcast endeavors to take these many disparate threads and weave a fuller, richer tapestry of true world history from 1AD to HD.