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The Kitos War & Bar Kokhba Revolt | 131AD-140AD F/ Sam Aronow

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In this newest episode of the A.D. History Podcast, Paul and Patrick are joined by the fantastic Jewish History YouTube creator – Sam Aronow. In their discussion with Sam, they go into depth about the rather spontaneous uprisings that occurred behind the lines of Trajan’s invasion of Parthia – the Kitos War – and what later became the devastating Bar Kokhba Revolt that has horrific implications for centuries to follow.

Sam Aronow, Jewish History & YouTube

Sam Aronow is a Jewish History YouTube creator and author, based just outside of Tel-Aviv, Israel. Originally born in the United States, Sam moved to Israel in 2016. Sam began releasing educational YouTube videos in mid-2019. In that time, he has mostly covered Jewish history dating to antiquity, but is also segueing into both medieval and most most Jewish history as well. You can enjoy more of Sam’s work be clicking here, which will take you to said YouTube channel. At the time of release for this episode, Sam Aronow currently has an audience of 3.66K subscribers.

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