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Antonine Plague Vs. Today & What Was The Relationship Between Rome and Han Dynasty China? | 161AD-170AD

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We see how Rome fought the Antonine Plague compared to COVID-19 today, and uncover the unusual relationship between Rome & Han Dynasty China.



In the newest A.D. History Podcast, Paul and Patrick explore the Antonine Plague that massacred Rome, comparing it to what we are experiencing today with COVID-19. Additionally, they explore a most fascinating question: What was the relationship between the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty China? These two hegemons of their era had a most unusual relationship; whilst maintaining a fundamentally curiosity about the other. Despite their distance with Rome and the Han Dynasty sitting on the opposite sides of their known world from the other, neither escaped the attention, interest, or influence of their counterpart.

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The Antonine Plague & The COVID-19 Pandemic of Today

The Antonine Plague is noted to have broken out in the Roman Empire in 165AD, lasting a total of 15 years. The Antonine Plague was believed to have originated in East Asia, likely proliferating into Roman territory due to normal economic activity and legions returning from combat in Parthia.

Antonine Plague symptoms according to the Roman imperial physician Galen – the most authoritative contemporaneous medical historic source documenting the virus outbreak – describes a condition similar to Smallpox.

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Rome’s Antonine Plague experience shares many similarities, as well as many differences, for how the world is currently coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Paul and Patrick examine many of those facets from the relevant medical knowledge, public response to the outbreak, respective technologies involved, the economic damage both virus’s have wrought and more. 

Roman Empire & Han Dynasty China: The Distant Relationship Fraught With Ambiguity That Dictated The Ancient World

Han Dynasty China and the Roman Empire in the late Second Century were the two powerhouse actors of their known world. Rome and the Han Dynasty may have existed on opposite poles, yet still had a fundamental and dynamic impact on each other. Their relationship – however distant –  dictated the greater ancient world during their coexistence. 

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Between 161AD and 166AD, Chinese records from that period make explicit mention of an envoy arriving in Han territory claiming to be on a diplomatic mission from the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, no Roman records from that same period corroborate any such delegation being commissioned.

While it is not possible to know the truth of that supposed envoy’s claim, it begs a greater question: What was the relationship between the Rome Empire and Han Dynasty China like?

Did China and Rome ever have direct, formal diplomatic contact? What did they know about each other? What efforts did they make to establish formal contact? How did they view their hegemonic equivalent?

Paul and Patrick go up to the hilt in illuminating the connections between these ancient superpowers. 

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