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Yellow Turban Rebellion & Galen: A Father of Modern Medicine You Never Knew About | 181AD-190AD

The Yellow Turban Rebellion help set the collapse of the Eastern Han Dynasty; while Galen of Pergamon helped propel medicine into modernity.



The newest episode of A.D. History looking at 181AD to 190AD, takes you foremost to the waning years of the Eastern Han Dynasty during the Yellow Turban Rebellion. As well as introduce Galen of Pergamon; a father of modern Western medicine you never knew about. 

The Yellow Turban Rebellion

As we’ve explored in prior episodes, the Han Dynasty despite numerous troubles over the past two centuries, remained durable.

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Yet while the bell has yet to toll for thee in regards to the Eastern Han Dynasty, the all-important Yellow Turban Rebellion shakes the ancient Chinese super power to it’s core. Patrick tells-all on how the Han is losing it’s grip on the critical “Mandate of Heaven.”

Galen of Pergamon

In the second segment, Paul presents the life and work of one of the fathers of modern Western medicine – Galen of Pergamon. Galen in 189AD published one of his seminal works on medicine titled, “Treatise on the Various Temperments.”

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While we do explore this work in some depth, Paul takes the opportunity to share the amazing life and work of one of the most influential figures in medicine as we know it today.

Despite Galen’s incredible influential reach from pioneering breakthrough research into human anatomy-physiology, pharmacology, diagnostic methods and numerous surgical procedures we still use today; most people are wholly unaware of his existence.

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You will find his work, influence and life a true building block of our medical HD world.

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