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How Did The Crisis Of The Third Century Begin For Rome? | 231AD-240AD

The Crisis of the Third Century, Rome’s top inner struggle at this point, starts with Severus Alexander’s loss to the Sassanids, and Maximinus Thrax‘s bloody rule.



In this newest episode of A.D. History, Paul and Patrick have finally arrived at the storm that is the Crisis of the Third Century for ancient Rome. It is a complex melange of military conflict, political struggles at the highest levels, unexpected characters making their way to the forefront, and a deeply compelling struggle endured by this incredibly famous ancient super power. 

Though we will definitely be exploring other events around the world during this time, Rome’s Crisis of the Third Century is unquestionably one of the greatest headlines of the century in question.

This episode is the first part of tracking this mezmorizing debacle, in careful detail, like the Han Dynasty collapse before it. What we can say to you as our listeners is to expect the unexpected. Like us, it will surely keep you at the edge of your seat!

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