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Korea Stands Up to Cao Wei & Who Exactly Were the Sassanids? | 241AD-250AD

One of the Korean Three Kingdoms stands up to Cao Wei, and we take a much closer look as to who the Sassanids were as a civilization.



In our newest installation of A.D. History, we take our first look at the Korean Peninsula during antiquity. Specifically with one of it’s own Three Kingdoms kicking up the dust against the standout of all of China’s Three Kingdoms – Cao Wei.

For our second segment, Paul takes a foray into exactly who the Sassanid Persians were. As a power that will exist for the next four centuries during our show, it is well due to better understand who they were, how they operated, and how they lived. While it is not easy for modern scholars to answer these very specific questions, we take our best stab to get under the surface of their civilization.

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