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Julian the Apostate: The Last Attempt to End Christianity | 361AD-370AD

Julian the Apostate was the last pagan emperor of Rome, who was the last emperor to try and end Christianity – but the game was up.



Julian the Apostate was the last pagan emperor of Rome, but that is only part of his legacy. In truth through a series of clever moves, Julian sought to both end Christianity in the empire by having Christianity do the dirty work for him. While simultaneously, seeking to bring back the Roman pagan religion, as triumphant as ever.

The Mogao Caves: The Greatest Buddhist Site You’ve Likely Never Heard About

In our second segment, we explore a site you may never heard of: The Mogao Caves. Located in Gansu Province in modern northwest China, the Mogao Caves is one of the most impressive sites in Buddhism. In addition to housing some of the largest statues of Buddha currently in existence, it is the location of a chance findings of the Dunhuang manuscripts – a near perfect time capsule of everyday life along the famous Silk Road. It brokers little comparison elsewhere.

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