In The Ascent: A Never Before Published Paul Mitchell Interview (Part II)


Enjoy part II of TGNR‘s hitherto unpublished interview with famed hairstylist and hair product magnate, the late Paul Mitchell. An interview conducted in October of 1981, Philip A. DiCostanzo and Sara Ann Kizer spoke with Mr. Mitchell on a wide range of topics, bringing forth the undeniable incisive nature of one of the legendary catalysts of the modern beauty industry.

If you have not yet read part I, please click here before proceeding.

By Philip Anthony DiCostanzo & Sara Ann Kizer

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In The Ascent: A Never Before Published Paul Mitchell Interview (Part I)

sheers feature image

On October 20th, 1981, I and fellow stylist Sara Ann Kizer, traveled to Queens, New York, and interviewed the world renowned hairstylist and product magnate, the late Paul Mitchell. We spoke with him after a hair show for licensed hair dressers where the star stylist holds court, cutting hair while revealing new approaches, techniques, and products. This was Paul Mitchell’s comeback following a five-year hiatus in Hawaii, far away from the madness of the beauty industry. 

Before returning to hair, Mr. Mitchell became business partners with John Paul DeJorgia. Together, using modest means, they co-founded a small hair care product line specifically designed to be used and sold by hairdressers. Called Paul Mitchell Systems, it debuted in 1980.

Sara and I sat down with Mr. Mitchell for a 90 minute interview, discussing everything from surfing, to hair, and Rock and Roll. Consummately intelligent, open, funny, and deftly observant, nobody knew at that time his business’s best was yet to come.

By Philip Anthony DiCostanzo & Sara Ann Kizer

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Sassoon To Fictional Sleuth: A Peter Green Interview

Peter Green feature image

Hairdresser and Mystery Author, Peter Green Image Credit: Peter Green, “Things Have A Habit.”

Just about everyone I know is transitioning into something. Some are morphing into their lifelong dream, others contemplating a life in retirement, while a vast majority are struggling with jobs facing extinction – wondering how they are going to survive. I am a guy who would rather write about his life lessons than have to relive them. My motto is simply, “As the world turns on its axis, change is happening, and it might work out best to swim parallel to shore.” In short, transition is not necessarily an all volunteer army. While scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, I was intrigued to discover a gentleman who had worked directly with Vidal Sassoon during the height of “Sassoon-mania” in the 1960’s, and following a successful career as a Sassoon trained hair cutter transitioned into a mystery writer. Anybody who knows anything about the Vidal Sassoon hair cutting dynasty is aware of the intensive training, discipline, and commitment to education that is required to fulfill that coveted slot. Many that worked with Vidal later moved on to create their own techniques, salons, schools, product lines, and even – films. Even the late Paul Mitchell was a member of the Sassoon team as they conquered America. So, when I read that Peter Green was giving a talk in Connecticut on a Friday evening – I thought this could be worth the hour drive time.  

By Philip Anthony DiCostanzo Guest Contributor

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5 Things All Women Should Know Before Trying A Waist Trainer

The waist trainer. (Image Credit: YouTube)

The waist trainer. Image Credit: YouTube


Today TGNR introduces guest heath and fitness contributor, trainer Jared Stokes. Mr. Stokes is a long practicing personal fitness trainer, and is currently completing his Ph.D. thesis in Heath Sciences at Columbia University, in New York City. He is author of the newly released “Pathway to Heaven,” the first installation of The Red Series. As well as serving as a founding member and leader of K3mistry Productions; a multifaceted company dedicated in part to providing sound fitness information, and bringing exercise to new people in a unique positive paradigm. As TGNR‘s mission is reporting fascinating good news, the topic of positive and accurate public heath information is of great concern. Mr. Stokes today will share expert insight on 5 things all women should know before trying a waist trainer.

By Jared Stokes Guest Health and Fitness Contributor

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Beyond The Age Of Apology

sorry Ariane Lewis 3 13

Image Credit: I. Grey

Today for Sunday Brunch, TGNR is excited to host the very talented and sagacious upcoming writer, I. Grey. For today’s installation I. Grey closely examines the question: why are women invariably inclined to say, “I’m sorry?” Using deep introspection complimented by keen observation, she examines this wholesale social phenomenon in a stirring new light.

By I. Grey Guest Contributor

There are two voices inside the mind that fight for a chance to be heard. There is the first which screams, this is who I am, this is how I behave, and the second that says in a much softer, but still just as powerful voice, who am I, is this how I should behave? Every person is different so the reasons for when those two voices take turns speaking may only be understood by the individual, but they are always there. They’re always fighting for the stage.

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